Suggested Items to Bring  

General items to bring to Byakuppe Tibetan Settlement

  • Several photocopies of your Protected Area Permit (PAP) – You must keep a copy of your PAP with you at all times while in Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlement, in case the local authorities ask to see it.
  • Several photocopies of your passport (identity page and Indian visa page)
  • Several passport-size photos
  • Flashlight/torch (for power outages)
  • Sunhat or sunscreen

Items to bring daily to the teachings

  • FM radio with earphones (to hear the translation of the teachings).  Please note that your FM radio is allowed to have a recording function, but if it contains a camera or phone it is not allowed inside the teaching venue.
  • Lamrim texts, if you wish (see the Text Translations page for a list of books/on-line links/PDF downloads of the 18 Lamrim texts into various languages).
  • Cushion/mat for sitting on the ground; your own stool or chair if required, as these will not be provided.
  • Drinking water
  • Tea cup (in order to protect the environment and avoid waste, disposable cups will not be provided)
  • Bowl and spoon, if you wish to take the simple vegetarian lunch which will be provided during the teachings
  • Given the security checks that take place daily at the teaching venue, please bring as little else as possible to the teaching venue.

e-book readers and iPads allowed

For the purpose of reading the Lamrim texts, foreigners will be allowed to also bring e-book readers and iPads WITHOUT SIM CARDS into the teaching venue. You MUST remove all SIM cards from your device. Furthermore, if you are seen taking any pictures inside the teaching venue, the Security Department may take your device away from you.

The following items are not allowed inside the teaching venue:

  • Mobile/cell phone
  • Camera
  • Please note: if your FM radio contains a camera or phone, it will not be allowed inside; your FM radio is allowed to have a recording function.
  • Cigarette lighter or matches
  • Dangerous items such as pocket knives