Please be aware that the Jangchup Lamrim Teaching Organizing Committee is not able to arrange accommodation for the tens of thousands of expected attendees.  You will need to arrange your own accommodation.

Hotel/guest house accommodation in the monasteries and nunneries

There are only a very small number of guest house rooms in the various monasteries and nunneries of Bylakuppe Tibetan Settllement, and these are fully booked by the monasteries and nunneries for their usual guests.

Hotel/guest house accommodation in neighboring towns

In the nearest town of Kushalnagar (8km/5 miles from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery) there are some options for accommodation.  Because these rooms are limited, if you wish to book a room in Kushalnagar, then we suggest that you arrange this in advance with the help of a local friend or travel agent.

Accommodation may also be available in Hunsur Rabgayling Tibetan Settlement (1.5 hour drive from Bylakuppe) where Gyumed Monastery and Dzongkar Choede Monastery are located. (Note: in order to stay there, your PAP must include Hunsur Rabgayling Tibetan Settlement; a PAP only for Bylakuppe is not sufficient to stay in Hunsur Tibetan Settlement).

The neighboring district of Coorg (Kodagu) is a popular tourist destination so there is also accommodation available there, such as in the town of Madikeri which is approx. 40km/25 miles from Bylakuppe.

Private accommodation in the monasteries

During teachings with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the monastery rules concerning visitors are changed and all visitors (including nuns, lay men and lay women) are permitted to stay in the monks’ personal residences.

The Jangchup Lamrim Teaching Organizing Committee will encourage all the local monasteries to make as much space as possible available for teaching attendees. Therefore, if you have friends in the monasteries, you are encouraged to request their assistance in arranging private accommodation within the monastery. However, please note that it is usually only possible to arrange private accommodation through a local friend; it is unlikely that you will be able to arrange private accommodation by phoning or sending an email to the monasteries unless you personally know someone living in that monastery.

Maps & Other Tips

For maps of India and Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlement see: Transportation.

For information about food, weather, money, health, and Monastery etiquette see: Visa & Other Advice.