This Week’s Lamrim Quote (3 February 2014)


“As for concentration on the Buddha’s body, limitless merit arises through remembering the Buddha. If your image of that body is clear and stable, it makes a great difference to your visualization of the field for accumulating merit through prostrations, offerings, prayers, and so forth, as well as the field for purifying obscurations through confession, restraint, and so forth. The positive quality that your recollection of the Buddha does not deteriorate at the time of death, the great difference it makes to deity yoga when you cultivate the path of mantra, and so forth show that it has a great purpose.”

From The Medium Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment by Je Tsong Khapa.

As translated in: Middle Length Lam-Rim with Trijang Rinpoche’s Additional Outlines by Lama Tsongkhapa (and Trijang Rinpoche). Translated by Philip Quarcoo. Unpublished DRAFT translation (May 2012) by FPMT, Inc. Download the PDF here.

Photo: His Holiness the Dalai Lama giving the 2013 Jangchup Lamrim Teachings, Sera Monastery, Bylakuppe, India, December 2013, © Rio Helmi/JLTOC

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