Today’s Lamrim Quote (26 December 2013)

Je Gendun Jamyang

Je Gendun Jamyang

“The most important is to practise earnestly. Accordingly to summarize, how is one to proceed? When taking refuge and generating the spirit of enlightenment, you should reflect on suffering according to the lesser and intermediate beings’ paths. Next, in association with guru-yoga, make a special point of confessing your sins and accumulating merit. Subsequently, the main practice will be to make the following objects of meditation arise in your mind and sustain them: the spirit of enlightenment—alternating giving and taking—as well as united serenity and insight. This includes the practice of prayers and dedication.”

From The Southern Lineage – Stages of the Path to Enlightenment by Je Gendun Jamyang

As translated in: The Southern Lineage Lamrim: An Explicit Instruction on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment – The Abbreviated Commentary Lineage of Manjughosha’s Oral Instructions by Gedun Jamyang, which is included in “The Pearl Garland: An Anthology of Lamrims”, translated from the Tibetan under Venerable Dagpo Rinpoche’s guidance by Rosemary Patton, Editions Guepele (France)

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