PAP Update #2 – Issued Lists now available

Once issued by the Indian Government, the PAP’s are being sent by the Bureau of His Holiness of Dalai Lama directly to all applicants via email attachment.

However, due to various email problems, sometimes a few PAP’s may not arrive correctly. Therefore, the Jangchup Lamrim Teaching Organizing Committee is making available on our website the lists of issued PAP’s so that anyone who has not yet received their PAP may check for their name.

Two lists have been posted today and additional lists will added as they become available, so please check here OFTEN if you have NOT already received your PAP.

If you have already received your PAP, you do NOT need to check these lists.

EVERYONE PLEASE NOTE: PAP’s are NOT available for pick-up from our office when you arrive in Bylakuppe. You must receive your PAP by email, print it out, bring your printed PAP with you to Bylakuppe and keep it with you at all times to show the local authorities whenever you are asked for it.

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