Today’s Lamrim Quote (3 December 2013)

Panchen Lobsang Yeshe

Panchen Lobsang Yeshe (1663–1737)

“Irrespective of which of the two Vehicles of the Great Vehicle, the Vehicle of Perfections and the Vehicle of Mantra, one enters, it is definite that the gateway is Bodhicitta alone and to generate Bodhicitta in the continuum, one needs a compassion which cannot bear all sentient beings’ excruciating suffering.”

From The Swift Path – Stages of the Path to Enlightenment by Panchen Lobsang Yeshe

As translated in: The Interwoven Transmission of “The Swift Path” and “From the Mouth of Manjushri”, commentary by Khensur Kangyur Rinpoche, translation by Ilia Durovic. To be published (approx 2014) by Jamgon Editions. Download version 2 (September 2013) of the partial, draft translation of The Swift Path here.

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