Attendee Tip #2: Preparing your texts for the teachings

During the 2012 Jangchup Lamrim Teachings, His Holiness taught 5 of the 18 Lamrims. This year His Holiness is expected to teach on the remaining 13 Lamrims. For a list of these 13, as well as a list of which English texts will distributed and which need to be downloaded/purchased, see here.

ALL STUDENTS WHO ATTENDED THE 2012 TEACHINGS MUST BRING YOUR TEXTS WITH YOU THIS YEAR (the 3 English, 5 Tibetan, or any other foreign-language texts which were distributed to you freely last year).

This year only a VERY limited number of the English and Tibetan texts will be available for those who did NOT attend in 2012. Please be kind and do not unfairly take these texts away from the students who were not able to attend last year.

For texts to download in 13 languages, see here.

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