Today’s Lamrm Quote (14 November 2013)

His Holiness the Third Dalai Lama, Sonam Gyatso (1543–1588)

His Holiness the Third Dalai Lama, Sonam Gyatso (1543–1588)

“This is how the complete body of the path that condenses all the principal points of the sutras and tantras is to be approached, and how the opportunities afforded by human rebirth are rendered meaningful.  By practicing in this graduated way, one uses the precious Buddhadharma most effectively for the benefit of oneself and others.  Jey Rinpoche himself took the experience of these practices into his heart, and it is his advice that those who would follow after him do likewise.  Keeping this in mind, [pause from reading for a moment and] visualize that Jey Rinpoche is sitting before you, exhorting you with a calm, powerful, penetrating voice to practice as described here and to accomplish his words by means of actually using his teachings to tame your mindstream.”

From The Essence of Refined Gold – Stages of the Path to Enlightenment by His Holiness the Third Dalai Lama, Sonam Gyatso

As translated in: The Path to Enlightenment by His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. Translated by Glen Mullin. Snow Lion/Shambhala Publications. Note: This is a commentary interspersed with translated passages of The Essence of Refined Gold.

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