Attendee Tip#4: Mundgod Money

Foreign exchange agencies, which convert a variety of currencies, are widely available in India these days, as are ATM’s for your international debit and credit cards. Some ATM’s charge a small fee, and most have a daily withdrawal limit.

As of November 2012, inside Mundgod Tibetan Settlement there is only one ATM (which is in Camp 3 between Gaden and Drepung) and three currency exchange agencies (two in Camp 3 and one Camp 6).  In Mundgod town there a few ATM’s and currency exchange agencies. During the time of His Holiness’ teachings all of these may be very busy and sometimes run out of money, so it may be more convenient for you to obtain/change most of your money in larger cities, such as Hubli and Bangalore, before travelling to Mundgod.

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