New on the website this week (9 November 2012)….

The Jangchup Lamrim Website  is updated daily with the latest information, so feel free to visit often for answers to your latest questions.

Updates have recently been posted on the following pages…

New details about the required in-person registration (step #3) to receive your security entrance pass to enter the teaching venue are available here.

While in Mundgod Tibetan Settlement, please keep your PAP with you at all times to show the local authorities when you are asked for it. See the PAP FAQ here.

Learn which languages will be translated and how to arrange your seating here.

Hubli Arrival Assistance: For those of you arriving into Hubli railway or bus stations approximately 20 – 29 November 2012, you may look for the Jangchup Lamrim Travel Guides who can assist you in finding transportation to Hubli city or Mundgod. More details will be posted here as they become available.

Translations have been recently been added to the English, Chinese, Czech, Japanese, Russian, and Vietnamese text translations pages here.

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