Today’s Lamrim Quote – 30 September 2012

Je Tsong Khapa, Lobsang Drakpa

Je Tsong Khapa, Lobsang Drakpa (1357-1419)

“I shall explain here to the best of my ability:
The essential points of all the scriptures of the Conqueror;
The path acclaimed by all excellent bodhisattvas;
The gateway for the fortunate ones aspiring for liberation.

Those who are not attached to the joys of cyclic existence,
Who strive to make meaningful this life of leisure and opportunity,
And who place their trust in the path that pleases the Conquerors –
O fortunate ones, listen with an open heart.”

Verse 1-2 from Three Principal Aspects of the Path by Je Tsong Khapa. Translated by Thubten Jinpa, Ph.D.  PDF available from the Institute of Tibetan Classics.

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