Today’s Lamrim Quote – 11 September 2012

Kongpo Lama Yeshe Tsondru (1761 - 1816)

Kongpo Lama Yeshe Tsondru (1761 – 1816)

“Patience of Unconcern with Harming is,
When all beings rise up as enemies and abuse you,
On top of analysing and not getting angry,
To practise helping them, in return for the harm.

Patience of Willingly Bearing Suffering is
To accept with joy being lacking in food and clothing,
Dwelling and so on; unwanted things, such as disease;
And sufferings that arise for the sake of the Dharma.

Patience of Certain Thought about Dharma is
To generate heartfelt confidence and conviction
About such devotion-objects as the Three Jewels.
Henceforth I shall train with diligence
In the practice of these three aspects of Patience.
Please inspire me so that I can do this!”

Verse 373-375 of The Essence of Nectar – Stages of the Path to Enlightenment by Kongpo Lama Yeshe Tsondru, as published in The Essential Nectar: Meditations on the Buddhist Path by Geshe Rabten. Edited and verse translation by Martin Wilson. Wisdom Publications (currently out of print).

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