Registration To Attend

Once the next Jangchup Lamrim Teaching dates have been announced, all attendees will be required to complete three steps:

  1. All foreigners must apply for a Protected Area Permit (PAP) from the Government of India. Complete details will be available on the Protected Area Permit page.
  2. All attendees must complete the website registration form which will be posted after the date announcement (please see Step Two below).
  3. All attendees must register in person for a security entrance pass within the few days before the teachings begin (please see Step Three below)

Without completing all of these steps, you may not be issued a security entrance pass to attend the teachings. Thank you for your careful attention to these important details.


Step One: PAP Application Form

Please see the Protected Area Permit page for the PAP application form and instructions which MUST be completed by ALL foreigners (including those with accommodation outside of the Tibetan Settlement).  Indian citizens and Tibetan R.C. holders are not required to have a PAP to visit Sera unless they have a foreign passport.

Step Two: Website Registration

Step Three: In-Person Security Registration

No one will be permitted to enter the teaching venue without a security entrance pass. In order to make this pass, all attendees must register in person within the few days before the teachings begin.  More details will be posted here when they become available.